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Established in 2020, Legend Dog Wellness prides itself on a simple set of fundamentals: Sell a useful and impactful product at a fair price, provide glowing customer service, and act upon feedback, from our customers and their dogs, to forge lasting trust.

You as a dog lover, are part of a new revolution. Inviting a dog into our families is not what it used to be. The days of the, "pet," are over. Our dogs are our brothers, sisters, and children. In our current time, business and services are acknowledging this. Every dog is funny, deserving of love, one-of-a-kind, and a LEGEND! You have observed the welcoming of dogs in almost every area. We encourage this movement. Bring your dog with you and love your Legend.

With, "Hip+Joint," Legend has built a solid foundation with a remarkable and highly-accredited manufacturer. With the need for purity, potency, and safety, being so critical, we could only partner with the best.

Legend Dog Wellness will always hold the highest standards of product, purity, honesty, and customer service. Our customers and their dogs will unarguably retain the highest level of attention and service.

Jump on the Legend train. We're picking up speed and are striving to provide you with a bountiful array of beneficial products. Our brand is growing for YOU. 

 Legend Core Beliefs

  1. Take your dog with you.
  2. Your dog is your cheerleader.
  3. Our dogs are family.
  4. You were selectively chosen by your dog.
  5. No politics, just dogs.
  6. Give love, and it will be returned.
  7. Life is an adventure.

Our Mission

To fuel the bond between dog and dog-lover, we bring solutions to prolong and strengthen your most golden relationship.

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Welcome to legend

We hope you and your families enjoy the holiday season this year and get a great start to 2023!

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