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What to expect from our Probiotic+ formula...

What to expect from our Probiotic+ formula...

When we started Legend, it was a difficult choice to launch with a whole, "basket," of products, or to nurture a single product. As we chose the latter with Hip+Joint, we have proven a lot to ourselves and our customers. But since the beginning, we have been aching to burst out with additions to our lineup. 

Probiotic+ was one of our favorites throughout our research and testing. And now we can say the launch of it is becoming a reality. Our CEO, Winston Prescott (Goldendoodle), was the first dog to test the completed product. He was still in his puppy stage and eating certain things that he shouldn't have been. Regularly, Winston's stools would be on the, "not-so-firm," level of bowel movements. He was also a gassy little guy. In less than a week after taking Probiotic+, real results and firmer stools were aparent.

Probiotic+ is formulated with 120,000,000 Colony Forming Units (CFU) of Ganaden® brand Bacillus coagulans, a highly stable probiotic (a.k.a., "Good Bacteria"). These are beneficial microorganisms that help manage the critical balance of the digestive system, preventing the growth of unwelcome microorganisms. Adding Probiotic+ to your dogs diet will promote a healthy GI tract, improve digestive functions, protect against intestinal diseases and enhance immune system responsiveness.

You may have thought, "what does the '+' mean?" We'll start with saying that, it was way easier to include, "+," in the product name, instead of, Fructooligosaccharides. Luckily, that beautiful word is commonly abbreviated as just, "FOS." FOS are soluble fibers as well as a prebiotic. They support the growth of beneficial microbes in the intestinal tract, while limiting the growth of harmful bacterial species. Probiotic+ includes 200 mg of FOS to support bowel regularity. How does this work? FOS are not actually digested by the body. They increase the amount of material in the intestinal tract and stimulate the elimination process.

Probiotic+ also produces B vitamins and enzymes, essential to gut health. Another fantastic bonus to probiotics, (especially to those of us that love having our faces licked), is better dog breath! Probiotics can enhance overall oral health and eliminate harmful bacteria that cause bad breath.

All amazing traits here, that we know your dog will love, all packed into a 1.5 g duck flavored soft chew.

Love Your Legend!


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