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What a spring we’ve had thus far! No better way to walk into summer than launching a new benefit. Legend is proudly announcing our ONGOING, “Help Team ANNA,” donation opportunity.

The ANNA Shelter, located in Erie, PA, is a non-profit animal welfare organization. Their mission is to take in unwanted, neglected and abused animals, and give them a clean, safe and loving environment, until a forever home is found.

Legend has partnered with ANNA to give our customers the opportunity to aid in their mission. YOU have the power to donate 15% of your order total that we will pass along. Your donation will help the shelter’s operations with food costs, medication, veterinarian care and adoption services. ANNA is more than a shelter for dogs. They save cats, horses and other animals that need love.

In an ideal world, there would be no neglected animals. But just as with humans, our society is faced with an urgent need to provide for our animal friends. Not everyone has the ability to adopt a rescue animal. But by aiding your own dog’s health with top notch Legend soft chew supplements, you have the opportunity to show your love and support.

Our Hip+Joint and Probiotic+ chews are in stock and ready for demand. This benefit comes right in the nick of time for the launch of our NEW Skin+Coat chew with Salmon Oil and Omega Fatty Acids 3, 6 and 9. We will be ready to ship the first week of June.

OUR MISSION: “To fuel the bond between dog and dog-lover, we bring solutions to prolong and strengthen your most golden relationship.”

Donate 15% of your order total to The ANNA Shelter.


Learn more about The ANNA Shelter and see other ways you can donate or give back, if you are not in the market for our dog health supplements. Visit them at:

Thank you for reading. We hope you are all doing well. Go out and give your dog a run – life is great!

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